5 Ways To De-Clutter Your Website for More Conversions

 Staff Bios

Maybe there is an important reason you need the bios on your website but this is one item I believe should be on your footer because this item is more about your business than it is about your customer.
When a prospect comes to this page, they are taken out of the purchase path and their mind wanders and they do not know what to do next.

 Mission Statement Page

While it is great to have a mission as a company, it is unlikely to get a conversion out of it. The goals of your company are an important aspect internally, but unless they directly overlap with your customer’s goals, they are pretty much irrelevant.

 Hero Images About You

What this does, it makes your business the hero in the customer’s story.
The problem is, your customer, is the hero of their own story.
Your business should position itself as the guide that helps a customer go where they want to be.
The best thing to do rather than showing photos of your office or your staff is to choose photos that are meant to depict your customer and the emotional state that they find themselves in once they have been transformed by your business.
If you are a chef, how about you show photos of people enjoying your food rather than the food photo only.

 CSR Page

It is Nobel for your company to be involved in community projects, but ask yourself if by your customers knowing about it, they would choose you.
If they would, then, by all means, display that with pride.
Here is the thing though, do not display it because you think people should care about it.
What people should care about and the reality of what they care about are two different things.
If this page will not lead your customer to make a buying decision, then it is just distracting away from the core messaging of your website which is how you can help clients.
In this case, it is great to have this page, but in the footer.

 Contact Us Page

‘Contact us’ is one of the weakest call to action you can choose because it does not provide any clear path.
People like to know exactly what is happening next and contacting you is not exactly clear.
You need to be more direct with clarity to your intentions.
Booking an appointment, making a reservation, getting a free strategy, these are examples of a clear call to action and that should be your new ‘contact us’ page.

Now let us hear from you, are you using any of these elements on your website?
Do you disagree and think they are necessary, or are you going to be removing them?
Leave that in the comment box along with any questions you have.
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