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Paid search marketing, also known as pay per click, provides faster results, allowing you to advertise directly to people searching for a business like yours. With complete control over each of your PPC campaigns, you will be able to limit your spend at any time while ensuring that you pay only when people click on your advertisement, meaning that you will never be required to pay a penny more.

Through targeted PPC advertising, we select the specific terms or audience interests to make sure that your Google PPC ads target a relevant audience to your business and reach the right people, at the right time. The paid search landscape is growing increasingly competitive, skyrocketing marketing costs and making the creation of the perfect ad more and more tasking. How can you compete? Partner with the expert PPC management agency in Kenya team here at Kiliad Digital.

No vertical is too challenging for our paid search team. We are Google Analytics qualified and Google Ads experts and are well versed in working across some of the globe’s most challenging sectors. We are well situated to use advanced technologies to achieve success, thus increasing ROI.

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In an era where more and more people are relying on the information they find online, pay per click advertising is an excellent marketing avenue to increase your conversions and improve your ROI while reducing your marketing spend. We have the expertise to manage PPC campaigns across Google, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our PPC marketing services don’t stop there. Through superior levels of creativity combined with the utilization of some of the industry’s most innovative and leading technologies, we will produce profitable campaigns at every level. You can be confident that you are working alongside certified analysts and account managers who have access to a range of the exclusive campaign.


Our PPC specialists in Kenya start by analyzing and restructuring existing ad campaigns to fully optimize your strategy. If you need a brand-new campaign, as an experienced PPC agency, we will put in all the groundwork for a new approach to ensure its structure and management is flawless from day one.

Are you targeting the right keywords as part of your paid search efforts? As a meticulous pay per click management agency, we take the time to conduct thorough keyword research to find out. In-depth market analysis is vital at this stage to ensure that you’re being seen by the right customers, at the right time.

Once we have conducted our analysis and worked with you to choose the right keywords for your brand, the next step is to encourage users to click on your ads. We will develop engaging ad copies as part of your PPC management campaign to help capture qualified leads at every stage of the consumer journey.

Your landing pages need to be relevant, clear and of the highest quality to ensure that your visitors convert even after clicking through to your website or page. Our PPC and design experts outline and build optimized landing pages to ensure your leads are sent to exactly where you want them to be.

Interested in how your campaigns are performing? We believe that transparent monthly reporting and analytics throughout your PPC campaign should give you an insight into exactly where every penny is going to ensure you are always in control of your budget.


The expert PPC team is highly knowledgeable in all elements of paid search, including the latest updates to the Google Ads platform. With multi-channel expertise and a close eye on some of the industry’s up and coming trends, our pay per click advertising campaigns continuously drives return on advertising spend for our clients.

Google Ads Management

Engaging, tailored ads relevant to your target audience will increase conversions of pay per click services


With more than 2 billion users, Facebook helps you reach a bigger audience and engage with them in a modern way.


With a customize tracking system and data analysis techniques, Kiliad Digital experts will up the game in your remarketing campaigns and in turn increase conversions while reducing ad spend


Google is undeniably a sophisticated platform that needs the expertise to run ad campaigns on. Your business will get the most out of google ads when you engage our professionals affecting your bottom lines positively.

You can be confident that our pay per click department will lead your campaign to success. With the integration of industry-leading technology such as heat mapping software, new techniques such as 24/7 bidding scripts and tailor-made landing pages with optimized content to improve your Quality Score, rest assured that we put the enhancement of your strategy at the heart of our PPC services.

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Answered by our ppc management experts

PPC marketing is a model of internet advertising in which advertisers will pay for each click on their business’ ad. This stream works on a ‘bidding’ system, based on the most relevant keywords to the business. In addition to setting up your PPC campaigns, our teams will manage these on a monthly basis to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. PPC services can work alongside SEO for maximum visibility in search results.

There are a number of different channels to choose from when it comes to paid search, each of which can be found across a variety of platforms. These include search, display, mobile, video, ad, shopping, remarketing and more. Our experts will optimise and adjust your ads to display in the most relevant areas of the online landscape for your business, to ensure that they’re generating the most effective campaign possible.

Our experience in offering our paid search campaigns has allowed us to meticulously test, adapt and evolve our PPC services. We plan, analyse and refine all our paid search campaigns for each of our clients, ensuring that every campaign is tailored to the business, the potential customers and the market. This approach allows us to identify key opportunities and deliver the best results for the long-term.

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