3 Ways To Turn Your Website Into A Lead Magnet Machine With Marketing Automation


Your website can save a lot of your time by automating certain things and speeding up processes so that you can focus on other parts of the business.


One of the best ways your website can free up time for you is by including all that necessary information on your website that you would otherwise have to manually answer in time-consuming calls or emails.

Even if you think being able to answer this questions personally is going to result in more sales, you might be surprised to know that 90% of people coming to your website will not even take time to reach to you and ask.


They will back out of your website, go fishing for information on one of your competitor’s website.


This is why your website developer in Kenya must strive to build a website that ends the customer’s search.


So, the first thing you would do to save some time and generate more income is to;


 Include an FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page or a section dedicated for FAQ.


Think about all the possible questions you get asked all the time and list all of them out.


This will solidify you as the right choice for people who are a good fit and quickly rid out people who are not.


It is one step for customers to pre-qualify themselves.

 Online Scheduling Tools


This time-saving tools eliminate that back and forth of scheduling meetings.


Tools like Calendly will help you schedule meetings without back and forths.


Calendly allows people to pick out time on your calendar out of times that you have pre-specified as being available and they can book for an appointment. You are then notified about the appointment that syncs with your online google calendar.


Online Google Calendar  syncs both ways with Calendly. If you have an appointment on google calendar, Calendly will not allow people to book in since that time is blocked off from availability.


You can automate further by using a confirmation email that sends out to a customer. On that email, you include what they can expect out of the meeting, anything and everything they need to prepare.


You will find that your meeting ends up being very productive and time streamlined. This in turns saves both you and your client time by having shorter high focused meetings because you are all prepped.


You should emphasize getting them to look forward to the meeting to reduce “no shows”.


It does not stop there, stay with us.


Calendly goes further into qualifying your appointments. You should set up qualification questions before one book an appointment e.g what their budgets are and what they expect to get out of the consultation.


Their answer will automatically pre-qualify them and if they are not a good fit you could politely decline the appointment by letting them know that you have reviewed their goals and you are probably not the right consultant to help.



Most people coming to your website are on research mode and they are not ready to buy neither are they ready to talk to you.


However, those people are 60% likely to engage with a chat feature than any other method. We do not, however, recommend automating the whole chat process. It is a great way to get the ball rolling.



Have the bot in the bottom right corner and people have to click on it if they have a question. It does not hurt to be proactive about it though. Great people when they get to your website and ask if you may be of help. If they respond, you can now have a live chat.


If you want to take advantage of all the automation features that you can get with tools like this you should:


Write out pre-fabricated answers to common questions that can be triggered by certain keywords. Someone would type ‘pricing’ and a link to your pricing page can be provided.


You could then transition the chat to either yourself or a team member once people start asking questions.


People will appreciate the authenticity in your response and conversions rate will be greatly improved.


A messaging system that transitions into a full-blown sales funnel is one of the tools your business cannot afford to miss.


Save time, pre-qualify clients and increase sales through automation that our team can efficiently set up for your business.


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