Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine – Eight Proven Tactics.

Your leads are only as good as the website that produces them.

Here are tested lead generation boosters that will not only increase conversions but your website’s trust factor and authority.

Include a Contact Number

Adding a contact number to your website may seem untenable, more so if you sell a digital product. However, it increases consumer trust and imparts credibility to your offer. You may not receive a call from your customers, but the presence of a phone number does bring them some comfort.

 Post Forms on Every Page

Having easy access to the actual lead generation form is prime to increasing the number of feasible leads through your website. The less information they ask for, especially on the first step, the more likely people will be to part with their valuable personal details.

 Add Photos and Testimonials for Greater Credibility

Testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool, but adding photos or even rich media such as video or audio will give them a much-needed boost.

 Make Your Videos Speak to the User

The highest performing videos speak to the user rather than at them.

 Use Power Words When Describing Your Offer

Powerful action verbs such as “get”, “feel” and “have” are strong compellers because of their active tone as opposed to “imagine having”, “imagine feeling”. Test each power word out and run with the best combination.

 Avoid “done for you” Site Templates

When it comes to quality lead generation, you should avoid any cookie-cutter “all-the-work-is-done-for-you” website templates. Alternatively, invest in the best possible website you can afford, and make sure you make the page’s purpose clear beforehand so that the website designer can tailor it to generate leads rather than having a good look and feel with zero returns.

 Consider the End-Goal First

When it comes to lead generation, start with the end in mind. What exactly does a “lead” mean to you? Defining this will make your testing and analytics goals clearer, and aid in determining exactly what actions you want the user to take as they progress through each stage of your sales funnel.


 The Bottom Line for Best Lead Generation: Test, Test, Test

None of these tips will do you any good unless you test them for yourself and determine what works for your unique situation. Number and quality of leads is a conversion factor just like any other – one which you’ll want to see an increase and improve over time.

Testing is the only real method to find out exactly what works for your unique needs, but when designing your lead generation pages, keeping these best practices in mind can help you work less and convert more!