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No matter the industry or sector, every web site needs a long-term content marketing strategy to enhance online visibility and establish brand authority. Whether you’re a corporate brand or a consumer-focused SME, unique and valuable content builds relationships, generates leads and earns natural backlinks, all helping to captivate your audience and improve your site’s SEO and content marketing in Kenya.

Content marketing is more than just words on a page. Here at Kiliad Digital, we perform in-depth research to make sure that each sentence contains value and credibility in line with your brand identity and the audience’s expectations. Our approach can benefit from several formats on a global or local scale, with each piece of content tailored to your industry, requirements and business goals.

Converting Digital Content

Unique, high-quality and engaging content is one of the most important ranking factors for any website. Through regular detailed audits across your existing content, we can develop innovative and enlightened content ideas to keep you ahead in your sector. Whether you require fresh blog content, optimized on-page, authoritative press releases or an outbound content marketing strategy to promote brand awareness and reputation, we’ve got you covered.


Before getting started on your creative SEO content marketing campaign, our team of experts will delve into compound analytics to determine the actual performance of content across the site to identify target audiences, trending topics, channel-specific preferences and more. With this data and insight, we can construct an integrated content marketing strategy that has been fully customized to help amplify your brand.

As part of our content marketing services, we provide every client with a dedicated content account manager who will liaise with you throughout the entirety of your campaign. They will learn your brand inside and out, adapting your strategy to your brand’s goals, precise requirements and more, perfecting your brand voice and produce engaging, high-quality and highly shareable content.

No matter your industry, or business size, we ensure that every word used is leveraged to its full potential. Our creative edge as an expert content marketing agency in Kenya allows us to explore new opportunities within your sector, to ensure your business remains ahead throughout the lifespan of your campaign.

Content should not be created to appease search engines. Your audience is your top priority, so we put them at the heart of every piece of content that our content marketing team creates, with user experience at the heart of our content creation. From the topics chosen to the content itself, we dedicate time to producing unique, engaging and highly linkable content that will give you with maximum performance.

Keeping your audience engaged is a key part of building trust, brand awareness and a returning consumer base. We keep format and design in mind with every piece of content we produce, ensuring that your brand voice is heard across your website. As we continue to collect more data and information about your audience, we will continue to refine your content strategy to ensure the copy we create remains effective.


As the human attention span continues to shorten and trends lifespan reduce, utilizing the power of content to keep your audience engaged is key. Our expert content writers are well versed in maintaining audiences engrossed, using creative layouts suitable for the device or channel they are finding you on. Whether your audience favour long-form, in-depth and highly detailed pieces, or are looking for snippets of information about a product or service, with our digital content creation service, you can provide your audience with targeted content to capture customers at every part of the sales funnel.


Ads do not have to be boring and 'saley'. An engaging ad copy that keeps your audience curious is our way of making sure you convert.


Your blogs should improve your search visibility, make you an authority in your industry and most importantly, be informative enough to lead the target audience to the bottom of the funnel.


Is your target audience's attention span short? We got you covered. We will take the helpful nuggets and convert them into infographics.


Negative reviews should not make your day dull. We will handle every client's complain expertly turning them into returning clients and enhancing your reputation online

As a forward-thinking content marketing agency in Kenya, we take a fresh perspective on your existing content to ensure that we remain in-line with search intent and changing algorithms to drive audience conversations more than ever. We ensure that our storytelling platforms cover several formats such as infographics, video and social media, so your brand’s voice remains at the core of your marketing. No matter your requirements when it comes to our content marketing services in Kenya, you can be confident that we’ll provide you with a profitable.

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Our specialist content marketing team are well-versed in all formats of content including web copy, product descriptions, landing page copy for PPC campaigns, long-form articles, infographics, case studies, email marketing, press releases and more. Their expertise extends across all sectors and with close, regular client interaction, all content will remain in line with your exact requirements.

Whether you want our team of content writers to craft pieces for your brand directly or optimise content produced by your in-house team, we remain flexible and adaptable to ensure your business needs are met. As a content marketing agency in Kenya, you will receive your own dedicated content account manager who is responsible for all your creative content marketing needs.

All of them! If you are looking to build trust with your customer base and provide your potential consumers with information about your product or services, you should be utilising some form of content marketing services in our agency. Content can capture customer attention during the research phase of the buying cycle, the consideration stage and even the conversion stages and, as an experienced content marketing agency, we can produce content suitable for each phase.

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