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Data is indisputable. It’s factual and can provide you with an invaluable insight into how your campaign is progressing – but what does it mean? As a web analytics agency, we can break down complex information to ensure that you understand how your campaign is progressing at every stage. By utilising this data, we can create healthy, optimised strategies to ensure that your campaigns exceed expectation in terms of delivery and results. Whether you’re tracking the progress of your content creation or your SEO campaign, the information provided can help to refine and improve your successes.

In-depth analytical research requires skill and knowledge, as well as access to some of the industry’s latest tools. This data allows you to understand every touch-point of the user journey, providing you with opportunities for growth and capitalising on untapped intelligence that you may have been missing out on. Accurate data and analytics can also help drive innovation, and with detailed reporting from our expert team, you can track the progress of your campaign while planning for your next project.

Data Analytics Services

Segment data, improve techniques and fine-tune strategies with help from Kiliad Digital. We can provide you with analytics reporting across your digital marketing campaigns, helping you to promote the right message to your target audience, at the right time. With analytics, you can learn more about who you’re reaching and when and how to perfect your campaigns to produce the best results.

With our help, you will understand the details of your campaign, with insightful analytics included as part of our transparent monthly reporting. Not only can we tell you what your campaign has achieved thus far, but we can also use the data we have to predict future performance to ensure any challenges are overcome effectively. Find out more about how in-depth web analytics and reporting can benefit your business today.


To achieve a greater understanding of your target audience, we will perform an in-depth audit of your market’s performance, which will allow us to better gauge its competitiveness and what is needed to help you reach a strong position in search engine results pages.

We will analyse the ratings of each of your competitors in your market sphere in order to accurately benchmark your site’s performance, enabling us to have a better understanding of the strategy you require.

Our analytical data can help us optimise your website’s existing strategy and future strategies to enhance your digital marketing campaign’s results. By conducting an ongoing competitor and market analysis, we can improve our understanding of the market in order to better target customers to enhance customer acquisition.

The SEO world is continually changing, with new algorithm updates being integrated almost daily. In order to ensure your campaign remains at the forefront of your industry, we perform ongoing, in-depth web search analytics, investigating SERP trends and gaining insight into the overall digital space.

We strongly believe in ensuring our clients achieve the results they’re looking for. Whether this is an increase in organic traffic, reduction in click spends or an increase in conversions, our campaigns are proven to generate results.


Real data allows us to understand better the best ways to optimise your campaigns while making strategic decisions and obtaining valuable customer insights. With these insights, you can make better business decisions about how, when, and what to sell them, helping to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of each of your campaigns. With full control over your project, you can increase profitability in a way that works best for you and your customers, ensuring that each aspect is put to good use.


With its advanced functionality, google tag manager, offers a wealth of opportunities such as event tracking =, the ability to future proof your website, and so much more.


We can spot the import issues, trends and factors that will boost your conversions


We will help you cross all the t’s and dot the I’s with google analytics. You will be able to have a clear impression on your page performance, traffic and AdWords.

No matter the stage of the marketing funnel, the attribution web analytics services we provide allows our clients to remain proactive and, we can ensure that you can develop a strong foundation and optimise business performance. From conversion rate web analytics and attribution web analytics to Google web analytics, we have the in-house tools and expertise required to take your brand to the next level.

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Answered by the experts

Analytics can allow businesses to prepare in advance and make informed decisions. Analytics allows us to uncover new opportunities and predict new market trends to ensure that your business remains at the forefront of the market. Collecting data and analysing it in the most effective way possible will help businesses to reduce spend, increase profitability and sustain a competitive edge.

As part of our services, we provide monthly reports as standard. However, if you require more data or an up-to-date report for a meeting or simply for you to review, we can provide you with the information you require, when you need it.

We utilise a number of different tools as part of our analytics and reporting services, to ensure that each client obtains the data that they require, as soon as they need it. Some of the analytical tools we use are Agency Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Answer The Public, SEMrush and Yoast.

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